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About Your Sleep Study (Polysomnogram)

Your sleep study will be scheduled at one of the three accredited sleep labs in Montgomery (Jackson Hospital, Baptist Medical Center South or Baptist Medical Center East).

A sleep study is a painless procedure done on an outpatient basis. The sleep study usually consists of two nights. The first night is for diagnosis of any problems and the second night is for treatment of any problems found.

The night of your study, the Polysomnographic Technician (Sleep Tech) will place various electrodes and monitors on you. The monitors will record your brain waves, eye movement, muscle tension, heartbeat, oxygen level, and breathing. These different parameters will be recorded all night while you sleep. The technician will be there at all times to assist you. The technician will be able to hear and see you even though your room is completely dark and private.

After the study is completed, your test will be interpreted and a Sleep Disorders Specialist will make a diagnosis. If you have not scheduled a follow-up visit with your sleep disorders physician, you will need to do so. The physician will discuss any findings with you at that time.

On the night of your sleep study, check in is at 7:00pm. You will be hooked up to the monitors and in bed no later than 11:00pm. Wake up time is generally between 5:30am and 6:00am, then approximately one half-hour is required to get the monitors off and ask a few questions.

**If you are scheduled for an MSLT, this is a daytime study preceded by a full night study, you will check in as above at 7:00pm, sleep overnight and remain the next day until 2:30pm - 5:00pm.

Things to remember the day of the study:

  • Do not nap
  • Stay away from all caffine
  • Limit nicotine use
  • Do not use oils or lotions on your hair or skin.  Showering and washing your hair before the study helps.
  • Bring all of your medications with you, prescribed or over-the-counter
  • Bring pajamas or something comfortable to wear to bed
  • Remove all NEW facial hair
  • Bring your glasses if needed to read
  • We have pillows, but suggest that you bring your own for comfort
  • Bring personal shower items
  • If you consume alcohol nightly, bring it with you
  • Report to the hospital registration desk by 8pm

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